I Gotta Find Bubba

It looks like I’m going to have to update this blog a little more regularly, as I have a serious backlog of dogs that I’ve met over the past few weeks. For this particular post I think I’ll stick to dogs that come into my life because of where I work. Pizza by Pappas, for those who don’t know, is a family owned restaurant in the heart of downtown Scranton, Pennsylvania. They’ve been serving their award-winning pizza for over 44 years, and for 11 of those years, I’ve been a part of their family.

Anyone who knows me knows that I have a very special place in my heart for all animals, but dogs in particular. Once my coworkers heard about my plan for this blog, they were quick to jump on board.

Kaylee was first to bring a new friend for me to meet. Winnie is a one-year-old Corgi who clearly brings a lot of joy into Kaylee’s life. She was sweet as pie and had just about the cutest little butt that I’ve ever seen on a dog.


Next up was an accidental meeting with Lesley’s two-year-old Bulldog, Archie. It was love at first sight with this rotund rover. As is clear from the look on my face, I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know this affectionate fella. He has some skin allergies and a few other maladies that bulldog breeds are prone to, but that doesn’t keep Archie down.


On a recent Sunday evening, Ann brought her eight-year-old Doberman, Deuce, down to Pappas to meet me. Deuce can’t see very well these days, but he is certainly still very loving and quite protective over the ladies in his life.


Ann didn’t only introduce me to Deuce, though. She worked her magic puppy powers and had her friend deliver me two of the most charming gentleman I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. At seven months old and weighing in at a whopping 92 pounds, Sampson the German Rottweiler definitely stole the show. He was more than happy to pose for pictures with me and he made sure to dole out big, sloppy kisses the whole time.


His K9 companion was two-year-old Charlie, an Australian Shepherd/Blue Heeler mix. What a fox! He was a little bit shy at first, content to let his brother Sampson hog all of the attention, but it didn’t take me too long to coax him out of his shell. Pretty soon he was a little too friendly with me, taking the opportunity to stick his tongue right in my mouth when I was giving him some kisses on his nose. I suppose I had that coming.


This past Friday evening was perfect for dining al fresco at Pappas, and this beautiful boxer’s owners took full advantage. Bubba is approximately one year old, all white, deaf, and chock-full of kisses. Making Bubba even more handsome are his two different colored eyes (or heterochromia iridum) and his irresistibly soft and squishy puppy skin.


Stay tuned, the dog backlog is still pretty full…


Last Weekend

This past week was packed full of meeting new furry friends. A few times I wasn’t prepared, and failed to get pictures – but I could never leave out a furry face. One in particular was a three-pound teacup Pomeranian that was so cute I chased his people down the street just so I could meet him. He was three month old Harley, and even at such a young age, he was content to sit in my hand, chill out, and let me plant kisses all over him.

Friday night brought all sorts of new friends into my life. While dining outside with friends at Ale Mary’s in downtown Scranton, I saw two gentleman walking across the street with a dog in between them, so I ran across the street to ask if I could meet their little buddy. They told me they were in a hurry, so I explained that I had just started a dog blog and I’d love to take a picture and have their guy on my blog. As we were talking, I realized one of the gentleman was none other than NEPA’s own Ryan Leckey. He introduced his super soft, super sweet friend as four month old Goldendoodle MetCon.


He also explained that MetCon was named for Metabolic Conditioning, which has clearly been doing wonder’s for Mr. Leckey’s physique. What I didn’t mention to Ryan was that he had actually met my dog Jake a few years back for a news segment at a local grooming shop, Shannon’s Pet Grooming.


Later Friday night, on our way back to my friend’s house for the evening, we spotted two women walking four dogs. Of course we pulled over and asked to meet them, and the women were very gracious and introduced us to their group. The foursome were all very interested in us, but one in particular wanted all of the attention. I tried to take pictures of each dog, but William the ten year old Golden Retriever was having none of that. He wanted every single bit of love, attention, and affection that we had to give to him.


Once we arrived at my friend’s house, we spotted her neighbor’s dog checking us out from her spot in the window. So once again I asked if it was possible to meet this beauty, and we spent some time with Molly, a ten year old Yorkie, and her mom Karen. Molly was just the sweetest little girl you could ever hope to meet. She loved to play ‘chase’ around the apartment, but also quickly calmed down and let me hold her. I brushed her, kissed her, tried to feed her treats (she turned her cute little nose up at them), and hugged her.


There were many more dogs this week, but that will have to wait for another post.